The small city of Estherville is located east of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, near the northern border of Iowa. Estherville is home to Iowa Lakes Community College, as well as many attractions and things to do. Whether you’re a local or you’re stopping through during your travels, you’ll find lots to enjoy in Estherville.

Estherville Community Pool

The summer season sees lots of locals heading to the Estherville Community Pool to cool off. The pool is open daily and provides the perfect oasis from the Iowa summer heat.

Estherville Golf Course

Golfers can enjoy a day out in the sun at the Estherville Golf Course, which features nine holes, plus a driving range, a service shop and a restaurant.

Estherville Rock Garden

The serene Estherville Rock Garden can be found in Mickelson Park by the Des Moines River. The Rock Garden was built in 1933, and since then, it has served as a relaxing place to enjoy the river. A 1996 flood damaged the garden, but the area was restored so that visitors can still enjoy the peaceful setting.

Little Swan Lake Winery

Wine tastings are held regularly at the Little Swan Lake Winery. It’s a great place to unwind after a long day or to pick up some gourmet cheeses or buffalo meat for a unique, tasty dinner. The winery also serves as a bed and breakfast, so it’s a perfect place to stop during a long road trip.

Emmet County Historical Museum

Estherville was incorporated in 1881, so a lot has happened since then in Emmet County. During the summer months, history buffs and curious visitors can learn about the area’s past by visiting the Emmet County Historical Museum, which is open in afternoons from June to August.

Local Eats

Despite its small size, Estherville still offers multiple tasty cuisines. If you love pizza, Woody's Pizza is a great choice, offering a unique variety of starters, sandwiches, and pizzas. If Mexican food is on your mind, the well-rated Don Jose Mexican Restaurant won’t disappoint.

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