A fun way to customize your Ford and make it work better for your lifestyle is to add accessories. The best accessories come directly from Ford because they are built to fit your vehicle precisely and maintain its performance. Now you can order accessories online directly from Ford and pick them up right here at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake.


To have your parts and accessories shipped for pickup in Spirit Lake, Iowa, use our unique online link. When you go to the link, choose your vehicle and model year to see all the available accessories for your Ford. Once you have chosen everything you want, you can place your order for pickup at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake.


Another benefit to ordering online is that you can choose to have your accessories installed here at the dealership, too. When you select your accessories, it will give you two price options. The “Your Price” option is just to pick it up, while the “Installed” price option is how much it will cost to buy the accessory and get it installed. This is a great way to know exactly how much everything will cost you.

Our favorite accessories

If you are looking for some suggestions on what accessories to buy, here are some of our favorites. • Tents. Many Ford vehicles have tents that can be attached to either the rear cargo area or truck bed that can make camping easier and more comfortable. • Rear seat entertainment systems. By adding a rear seat entertainment system to your vehicle, you can help make long road trips more enjoyable for your backseat passengers. • All weather floor mats. A set of sturdy floor mats that fit tightly into your vehicle can help protect your interior from dirt, water, and any other debris that may come in on your shoes.

Ready to enhance your Ford with the latest and greatest accessories? Here at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake, we’re dedicated to making this as easy as possible for you with our new ordering process.

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