Top Modifications For Your Jeep | Spirit Lake,  , and Knoxville, IA
Top Modifications For Your Jeep | Spirit Lake, and Knoxville, IA

If you plans on doing some special projects with your Jeep® or go on some special adventuring, make sure you equip it with the right gear. These are the most popular modifications and accessories you can add to your Jeep® to make it adventure-ready.


If you like to venture off-road, you simply must have a winch on your Jeep®. Even if you’re not the one stuck in the mud, having a motorized winch on the front of your Jeep can help you, or a buddy, get unstuck and back on the trails.

If you roll your Jeep®, use your winch. If you or your friend gets stuck, use your winch. If you need a tow or your buddy needs a tow, use your winch. If you can only get one aftermarket accessory for your Jeep®, buy a winch.


When we discuss tires for Jeep® vehicles, we mean any set of tires suited to the terrain you’ll be traversing, and the type of driving you’ll be doing. For instance, if you’re doing some rock climbing, get you some BFGoodrich Krawlers; if you’re playing in the sand dunes, get you a set of sand tires.

We all know that a Jeep® needs extra traction while off-roading, so even if you don’t want different sets of tires for different seasons and/or terrains, consider getting a set of Pirelli P4’s— Jeep® SUVs are meant to be driven off the road, so they deserve off-road tires.

Lift Kits

Not only do lift kits give your Jeep® extra attitude, they functionally make sense as well. Lift kits are often the first purchase for Jeep® owners, and rightfully so. Adding a lift kit increases ground clearance, break-over angle, approach angle, and departure angle. This, in turn, means you get to drive over bigger, nastier terrain without getting stuck.

One important thing to note is that not all lift kits are the same – find the kit that fits your Jeep® needs as a before deciding on your purchase.

If you need help deciding on which accessories your Jeep® needs or help installing it, Motor Inn Auto Group is glad to help. We have locations in Estherville, Carroll, or Knoxville, IA.

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