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Fall’s changing leaves are a great reminder to schedule a fall maintenance appointment at Motor Inn of Carroll. As the weather get colder, you need to consider your car’s health. A certified technician at our car dealership in Dickinson County, Iowa, can prepare your Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, CDJR, or other vehicle for winter. These are the maintenance tasks we recommend.

Ensure the tires are adequate

Deficient tires are a recipe for disaster during winter in Iowa. It’s crucial that your car has the necessary traction and cushion to conquer sloppy, snow-covered roads and stay safely in your lane.

Check the tread, inflation, and overall condition of the tires during these fall months. Tread depth should be more than 4/32-inches and there shouldn’t be any gouges, bumps, or punctures in the rubber. If any of these aspects show signs of inadequacy, you need new tires. Schedule an appointment at Motor Inn of Carroll for a set of fresh, high-quality snow tires. Even a tire rotation can be a huge benefit!

Get fresh fluids

The fluids in your car can get mucky after a while. When was the last time you gave your car fresh fluid for the transmission, motor, wipers, cooling system, power steering or brakes? Have the technicians at Motor Inn of Carroll replace these filthy fluids with clean ones — and flush the reservoirs out too.

Why do fluids matter so much this time of year? You don’t want to be stranded with an overheated engine or malfunctioning systems during the coldest winter days! Be proactive and top off those essential fluids during fall.

Keep the lights on (and the heat!)

Nighttime arrives earlier in the day during fall. Your car’s headlights need to be their brightest when the road is obscured by falling leaves, heavy rainfall, and sprinkling snowflakes. And, every signal light needs to be visible to other cars. Broken or dim lights should be replaced by a vehicle technician.

Don’t forget to run the heating system now to ensure it still will keep you warm during these cold nights. Weak airflow or lukewarm breezes are signs of a faulty system; get the problem fixed at our service center.

Schedule a comprehensive inspection

An experienced mechanic can identify underlying problems in a car that the average driver won’t notice. That’s why we highly recommend scheduling a multi-point seasonal inspection at Motor Inn of Carroll. We know where to look on Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, CDJR, or other vehicles to find major issues — and fix them.

We will examine parts like the brake pads, battery charge, drive belts, air filters, and suspension components. If any of these parts need replaced, we can do that on the spot before you drive your car home. It’s essential to drive a properly functioning car during autumn, winter, and every other season!

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