High-Mileage Vehicle Maintenance Tips | Carroll, IA

High-Mileage Maintenance Tips | Carroll, IA

As your vehicle piles up the miles, keeping up with maintenance gets even more important. If you’re aiming to get many more years of dependable performance from your high-mileage car, truck, or SUV, here are some of the most important steps you need to take.

Keep Up with Oil Changes

Changing the oil regularly is one of the most important things you can do for your high-mileage vehicle. Read your owner’s manual to find the recommended mileage interval, then be sure to follow it. Fresh oil helps your engine parts stay lubricated and last longer, and you can even find oil types designed especially for higher-mileage models. But operating with dirty or low oil increases wear and tear and can even introduce damaging contaminants into your engine. 

Follow the Service Schedule

The older your car gets, the more important it is to get regular service and inspections. Getting regular checks for your battery, fluids, belts, tires, and other components can prevent serious problems or catch small issues before they turn into big, expensive ones. Regular cleaning is important as well — it’ll fight off rust, paint damage, and interior wear while keeping your vehicle looking much newer than it really is.

Be Aware of Major Milestones

Once your car crosses the 100,000-mile mark, it’s a good idea to be aware of some major issues that can crop up.

120,000 miles: At this milestone, you may need to look at replacing brake, transmission, and coolant fluid; getting new shocks and struts; cleaning carbon deposits off the engine; and servicing AWD or 4WD differentials.

180,000 miles: Once you pass this number, consider having the engine and transmission mounts checked, getting an inspection for the drivetrain seals, and testing the A/C system’s performance.

250,000 miles: If your vehicle has lasted this long, congratulations! Now it may be time to inspect the catalytic converter, have the chassis inspected for damage, and schedule a cleaning for your fuel injectors.

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