Decoding Your Dashboard | Spirit Lake, IA
Decoding Your Dashboard | Spirit Lake, IA

Most vehicles are easy to understand. You start the engine and press on the gas pedal to move. However, whenever the dashboard lights start turning on, things can get a bit more complicated. These little symbols are ways of telling us important information about our vehicle. Here are some of the most common dashboard warning lights and what they mean.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

This red image of an old-fashioned oil can means there is an issue with the oil pressure system. This could indicate a problem with the oil pump or that you are running low on oil. Look into what’s going on with this light immediately, or you could risk serious damage to your engine.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

When you see this yellow symbol, it means one or more of your tires has low air pressure. Add air to your tires as needed to keep your vehicle operating efficiently and safely..

Engine Temperature Warning Light

If you see this red symbol, your engine is overheating. It often means there is an issue with the coolant or antifreeze. You need to address this problem as soon as you can.

Traction Control Light

When you see this yellow light turn on, it means the traction control system has activated. This usually happens when one of the wheels has slipped, like on an icy road or while driving over loose gravel. It should turn off when you regain traction.

Check Engine Light

If you see this red light, your car needs some attention. This light can be triggered from a variety of issues ranging from a loose gas cap to something a lot more serious. The best thing to do is to get your vehicle inspected as soon as you can.

Battery Alert

This red light means there is a problem with the charging system, including the battery, battery cables, or even the alternator belt.

If you see a mysterious red light on your dashboard, our service staff members at Motor Inn Auto Group locations across Iowa are here to help. Call anytime to set up an appointment and get your vehicle back in good working order.

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