What to Look for When You Test-Drive a Car at Motor Inn of Carroll

Test-Drive Tips | Carroll, IA

Want to get the most informative experience when you test-drive a new or used vehicle at Motor Inn of Carroll? We want to help make your visit to our Carroll car dealership worthy of your time. That’s why we’ve created this guide on how you can make the most of a test drive in Dickinson County, Iowa.

Assess the seating

Assess how you feel sitting in the vehicle before you even turn on the ignition. How comfortable you are entering and riding in the car are very important.

Was it easy for you to climb into the vehicle, or did you have to struggle to step up or crouch down to get inside? Is there enough headroom, legroom, and hip space for all of the people who typically ride with you — or is the car too small? Are the seats supportive for your back and contour comfortably to your spine — or will you feel back pain after a long drive?

Also take note of outward visibility from the driver’s seat, such as around the A pillar, over the dashboard, and in your blind spots. How do you like the position of the touch screen and the placement/type of infotainment controls? And don’t forget to take a peek in the cargo area to ensure it’s big enough for your needs!

Take a ride around the neighborhood

Now you can spend 15-20 minutes driving around Carroll to determine if you like how the vehicle feels in motion.

Is the engine sluggish and struggles to accelerate up to highway speeds? How closely does the steering wheel react to your input; do you feel that it’s too tight or too loose? How narrow is the turn radius to make U-turns, and it does the vehicle feel stable when making hairpin turns? Do the brakes stop momentum rapidly, or are they spongy?

Ask passengers in the rear seats to give their input. Is this a rough ride that jostles them around or a smooth ride thanks to a quality suspension? Is the cabin quiet, or is it assailed by excessive road noise, engine noise, or exhaust noise?

Advice specifically for used cars

You don’t have to worry about vehicle condition when you buy or lease a brand-new sedan, truck, or SUV from Motor Inn of Carroll. But, if you’re purchasing a preowned model with more miles on its odometer, you should assess its condition from bumper to bumper.

Inspect the exterior for signs of damage like rust, dents, and scratches. Then, pop the hood; look for any concerning deterioration. Examine the interior for signs of water damage, excessive wear and tear, and any broken electrical or electronic components.

Merely looking at pictures online of a vehicle won’t give you an accurate impression of how it feels or drives. That’s why we recommend you test-drive every vehicle you’re interested in owning by visiting Motor Inn of Carroll in person.

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