Fuel-Saving Driving Tips for Older Vehicles

Fuel-Saving Driving Tips for Older Vehicles | Carroll, IA

As your car gets older, its fuel efficiency will decline, and it will consume more gasoline to travel the same distances in Iowa. Luckily, there are practices that you can follow to help squeeze every mile out. Here are some fuel-saving tips for older vehicles in Carroll, Iowa.

Accelerate swiftly but not hastily

Stomping the acceleration pedal will cause your car to quickly consume gasoline as the motor hurries to increase the car’s speed. Instead of performing “jack rabbit starts” at green lights or highway on-ramps, give your vehicle more time to get up to the target speed.

That doesn’t mean you should accelerate too slowly, though. Engines perform at their highest efficiency when at full throttle, so find the sweet spot for accelerating to your target gear promptly without over-straining the motor.

Stay around the optimal speed limit

The average gasoline-fueled vehicle achieves its peak efficiency at 50-60 mph. Plan your driving routes to follow roads with this optimal speed limit. The less often you’re stuck in slow, stop-and-go traffic near Carroll, the more gasoline you’ll save.

Tone down aggressive driving

Studies have shown that the more often you perform maneuvers in traffic that cause you to change your vehicle’s speed, the more gasoline is consumed. Instead, stick to a steady pace and do your best to avoid changing it.

Keep tires inflated to proper pressure

Your vehicle’s door jamb sticker should note the best PSI level for your car’s tires. Keeping your car’s tires at their correct air pressure will reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel economy.

Drop any extra weight

The heavier your vehicle is, the more work the motor will need to do to increase its speed. While you cannot change your vehicle’s curb weight, you can eliminate excess baggage that is weighing it down. This includes unneeded power tools in the trunk, boxes of books in the back seat, and even the roof rails on top. Keep only what is essential in your vehicle, rather than using it as a storage bin on wheels.

Keep up with regular maintenance at Motor Inn of Carroll

Your old car will perform better when its mechanical systems are serviced on a regular basis at our Carroll service center. Oil changes are crucial, and so are tire rotations and balances, alignment adjustments, and filter replacements. When is the last time you had the fuel system cleaned?

If you’re ready to upgrade to a newer vehicle that gets better gas mileage, come to Motor Inn of Carroll. Our Dickinson County car dealership has a wide selection of fuel-efficient sedans, SUVs, and trucks for sale, including used hybrid vehicles.

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