Safe Ways To Transport Your Pet | Carroll, IA
Safe Ways To Transport Your Pet | Carroll, IA

Traveling with the pets you love can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially on long road trips. Transporting them safely and legally is obviously of the utmost importance to any animal owner. Safe transportation goes beyond just keeping them contained and not leaving them in hot or cold cars. From your friends at Motor Inn of Carroll, here’s a list of important tips to remember when transporting your pet.

Keep Them Contained

Every year, dogs are injured when they are thrown around the interior of a car during an accident or a sudden stop. Keep your animals in sturdy, crash-tested crates for their safety and yours. Be sure the crate is big enough for the animal to stand up and turn around in, as well as one that has enough openings for optimal air flow. Choose crates that have been crash-tested and come with guarantees. You can also get cushioning to protect from impact in case of an accident. A set of stairs or a ramp is a good idea to help dogs get in and out of the vehicle and the cage.

Stretch Their Legs

If you are taking your pet along on a long car trip, make sure to stop every few hours to stretch both your legs and theirs. Many highways have rest stops with designated pet areas for walking and taking care of business. It’s a good idea to pack a bowl and a bottle of water, so pets can also get a drink during these rest periods. .

Lock The Windows

Dogs can step on the controls for power windows. Putting the window all the way down means they can escape and run off in traffic, while accidentally raising the window can have equally disastrous consequences. Power windows should be locked whenever an animal is transported in a vehicle. Late model cars are equipped with a locking button, so make sure pets cannot operate the windows.

With these tips in mind, you and your pet will be ready for your next road trip. Contact Motor Inn of Carroll if you’re looking for a new ride!

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