Winter Car Care for Driving | Carroll, IA

Winter Car Care for Driving | Carroll, IA

Winter hits Carroll hard every year. And if you’re not ready for it, the temperature drops and piles of slippery snow can complicate your daily drives in Dickinson County. Make sure your car, SUV, or truck is ready to survive winter in Iowa by taking care of these service needs at Motor Inn of Carroll.

Battery Check and Replacement

Winter puts a strain on your car’s battery by reduce its cranking power, so a low-charge battery may not have enough energy to overcome cold temperatures. Our mechanics will check your car’s battery charge and condition to determine if it can function properly during winter. If the battery is more than four years old or has major corrosion, we’ll recommend installing a new one.

Oil Change

Clean oil is crucial during winter because dirty engine oil can become dangerously thick in cold temperatures and fail to lubricate the motor properly. Our technicians at Motor Inn will flush out old motor oil and replace it with a grade of oil that’s suitable for winter in Iowa based on the model and its age. We will also check if any other fluids need flushed, like the transmission or brake fluid.

Tire Check and Wheel Alignment

Cold weather affects the air pressure and pliability of your car’s tires. That’s why many people use snow tires during winter in Carroll to have more traction and improved performance in the cold and on icy roads. Even if you don’t buy winter tires, we will check that your current tires have enough traction to perform sufficiently this winter. And, a wheel alignment can further improve your car’s handling on snow and ice.

New Windshield Wipers

When was the last time your car received a new set of wiper blades? Wipers blades that are multiple years old can be dried out, warped, and cracked; they will struggle to clear the windshield under dense snow downfall, ice buildup, or heavy slop. We can install new wiper blades when you service at Motor Inn of Carroll, using a product that’s made for winter weather.

Address Any Warning Lights

Have you been ignoring a warning light that appeared on your car’s dashboard? Don’t wait any longer to have a technician at Motor Inn diagnose and fix the problem. Otherwise, your vehicle could experience real problems in the middle of winter — when it’s least convenient for you. Symbols like the check-engine icon, traction control error, power steering warning, and oil indicator should never be ignored.

It’s never too late or too early to schedule a seasonal service appointment at Motor Inn of Carroll. You already have enough to worry about, so let our service technicians take the stress of vehicle management off your mind!

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